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In the Membership Fees infotype (0057), you can record the membership fees for each employee. These can be membership fees for a union, a works council, a sports club, or another organization.

The Membership Fees infotype (0057) is used in payroll. An employee’s membership contributions are either indirectly determined in payroll, or you can enter them directly in the Membership Fees infotype (0057).

The standard system contains the following organizational types for differentiating between the different membeship fees as subtypes:

·        Union

·        Works council

·        Sports club

·        Union, CCOO

·        Union, UGT

·        Union, CNT

·        Union, USO



You can set up additional organization types as subtypes in Customizing.

Payment Data

The following entries are mandatory for the payment of membership fees:

·        Member type, in other words the organization to which the employee belongs.

·        Wage type, in other words the type of membership contribution, for example, union dues

·        Membership fee (amount in the relevant currency along with number/unit)

·        Purpose(user-define text)

Date of Payment

For the dates of payment, enter the first payment period and the interval in periods or the first payment date and the inverval/unit.

The system automatically calculates the further dates of payment for membership fees.


The system automatically determines the information about the payee from the payee key.

International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

When you enter data relating to a payee of membership fees, you can also display an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). To activate the IBAN function for HR master data, you have to make the appropriate setting in the Implementation Guide for Personnel Administration by choosing Interfaces and Integration ® Use of IBAN in Personnel Management.

The system displays whether an IBAN has been stored for bank details on a button in the maintenance screen. A green arrow indicates that there is an IBAN, a white arrow that there is no IBAN.

If there is an IBAN for the bank details, you can only display, not change, it. To create and change the payee key, you use the following activity in the Implementation Guide for Personnel Administration: Payroll Data ® External Bank Transfers ® Determine Payee. You can therefore change the IBAN and related bank data in Customizing only.



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