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Object documentation Form Types Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The form type of an application form controls the configuration and output of a form. This setting is obligatory and cannot be changed once you have created the application form.


The following form types are possible:


        Smart Form

        PDF-based form


Depending on the form type, different functions and options are offered for the form processing and form printing. In the case of SAPscript, texts are assigned to the hierarchy of an application form; depending on their position in the hierarchy they can be processed or printed. In the case of Smart Forms and PDF-based forms, data is placed in the generated data structures and transferred to the Smart Form assigned. The names of these data structures are defined in the form levels of the form class. A collection is a grouping of different application forms that are printed or output combined sequentially per call from the application (for example, in the form of an e-mail with attachment).


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