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Unicode Fragment View Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The data layout of structures is relevant to UP checks with regard to the reliability of assignments and comparisons, for example. This data layout is represented in the Unicode fragment view. The fragment view breaks down the structure into alignment gaps, in byte and character-type areas, and all other types such as P, I, F, strings, references or internal tables.

Juxtaposed character-type components of a structure except strings are internally combined into a group if no alignment gaps exist between these components. All possible alignment requirements for characters are considered. Juxtaposed byte type components are grouped together in the same way.


BEGIN OF struc,
  a(2) TYPE C,
  b(4) TYPE N,
  c    TYPE D,
  d    TYPE T,
  e    TYPE F,
  f(2) TYPE X,
  g(4) TYPE X,
  h(8) TYPE C,
  i(8) TYPE C,
END OF struc.

Fragment 1: a, b, c, d

Fragment 2: Alignment gap between d and e

Fragment 3: e

Fragment 4: f, g

Fragment 5: Alignment gap between g and h

Fragment 6: h, i



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