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Function documentation Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) for SAP In-House Cash Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) are used to implement customer-specific requirements without making modifications in the actual object.

Scope of Functions

SAP In-House Cash provides the following BAdIs:





Add to Posting Data of Payment Items

You can use this BAdI to modify the posting data when current account payment items are generated. The BAdI is called when payment items are posted.



Override Customizing Settings

You can use this BAdI to determine whether or not you want the principle of dual control to be activated. The BAdI can be used more than once. All active implementations are called and executed.



IHC: User-Defined Checks for GUI

This BAdI lets you implement your own checks, selections and value help for manually processing IHC payment orders. The BAdI default coding does not run any checks. Implement the check methods you want to use.


Be aware that the changing parameter can also be changed by other implementations.



Replace Transaction Type, Value and Execution Date

You can use this BAdI to override the following IHC payment order data:

·        Transaction type

·        Execution date

·        Value date

The BAdI is called when an inbound IDoc is received.



Change Outbound IDoc

You can use this BAdI to change an outbound IDoc before sending it.



Override Posting Behavior

You can use this BAdI to override the posting behavior for IHC payment orders.


Override Transaction Type

You can use this BAdI to override the determination of the transaction type for IHC payment orders in the case of central incoming payments. The BAdI is called for each bank statement item when you create IHC payment orders.


To implement the customer enhancements, call the relevant BAdIs in the SAP In-House Cash implementation guide (IMG): Choose Basic Settings ® Business Add-Ins (BAdIs).


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