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Procedure documentation Working with the CCMS Alert Monitor Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Here you can find information on how to work with the CCMS Alert Monitor.


Remember that alerts can become obsolete. You cannot currently use the analysis methods to display extra information on these older alerts.


You have accessed the CCMS Alert Monitor from TMS. To do this, go to the initial TMS screen and choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.


Changing the Display

To change the display of the CCMS Alert Monitor to meet your requirements, choose Extras ® Display options. The dialog box Display Options appears, in which you can make the appropriate settings.

Displaying the Alerts for a Node

To display all the alerts under a node of the monitoring tree, place the cursor on the appropriate node and choose Edit  ® Alerts  ® Display Alerts. The screen Alert Display appears with a list of the alerts.

Displaying the Alert Details for a Node

To display of some or all of the alerts, proceed as follows:


       1.      Go to the screen Alert Display and select the alerts you are interested in.

       2.      Choose Goto ® Display Details.

Other Functions

For information about other functions, see the following documentation about the Structure linkAlert Monitor.

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