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The EH&S management server is installed as a Microsoft Windows service and manages the generation servers for the Windows Wordprocessor Integration (WWI) program and the EH&S Expert servers for the SAP EH&S component by Remote Function Call (RFC) from the SAP system.


Using the EH&S management server you create the WWI generation servers and EH&S Expert servers as Microsoft Windows services.

Alternatively you can set up WWI generation servers and EH&S Expert servers manually as console programs in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools. In contrast to console programs, Microsoft Windows services can last longer than the duration of a session. This means the service can be executed without a user having to be logged on to the PC. A service can, for example, be started automatically at system startup and be run in the background for the user.


Only one EH&S management server can be installed on a server PC, but this server can log itself on to a number of SAP systems. The EH&S management server has the following architecture:


       1.      There is one Remote Function Call (RFC) server per SAP system, which technically is a thread and which handles communication with the SAP component EH&S.

       2.      Synchronization of the EH&S management server allows it to log on to several SAP systems.

       3.      The EH&S management server monitors existing WWI generation servers and EH&S Expert servers and restarts them if errors occur. The Service Control Manager (SCM) serves as the central technical communication instance between two services or between a service and a service administration program.

       4.      Within EH&S service administration, the EH&S management server has the following functions:

        Installation and deinstallation of services

        Control of services (starting, stopping, restarting)

        Display and change of service configurations (SAPRFC.INI, WWI.INI, EH&S Expert parameters and EH&S Expert sets of rules)

       5.      File transfer

        File transfer from server PC to front-end PC

        File transfer from front-end PC to server PC

Architecture of EH&S Management Server

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