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Object documentation SAPscript Form/Smart Form /PDF-Based Form Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Depending on the form type, either a Smart Form, a SAPscript form, or a PDF-based form is defined in the attributes of an application form. The form contains all relevant layout information (for example, pages, windows, paragraph formats) for preparation of the form to be printed.


The application form and the related SAPscript, Smart Form, or PDF-based form are reconciled with one another during the print transaction. The application form controls the print transaction. This means that the data is read and the program interfaces of the layout tool are called for the events defined. The interfaces between the application form and the form used depend on the type of form and must be reconciled with one another.


        Window (used in the attributes for text nodes)

        Form level symbols (WA_*) used in texts

        Smart Forms and PDF-based forms
Name- and type-justified interface parameters for transferring the selected data:

        PWB_DATA or the name of the generated DDIC type at document level

        Data declarations in user top includes

For detailed information about SAPscript, Smart Forms, and PDF-based forms, see SAP Help Portal at help.sap.com Documentation SAP NetWeaver SAP NetWeaver Release/Language SAP NetWeaver Application Platform (SAP Web Application Server) Business Services PDF-Based Forms, SAP Smart Forms, SAPscript (BC-SRV-SCR).


SAPscript forms, Smart Forms, and PDF-based forms are integrated in the configuration of the application form, which means that navigation, creation, deletion, consistency checks, copying, and upload/download take place in the processing of the application form.


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