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In various industries – particularly the process industry – you have to work with homogenous partial quantities of a material or product throughout the logistics quantity and value chain.

There are various reasons for this:

        Legal requirements (for example, the guidelines set out by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) or regulations on hazardous material

        Defect tracing, callback activities, and regression requirement

        The need for differentiated quantity-and value-based Inventory Management (for example, due to heterogeneous yield/result qualities or varying constituents in Production.

        Differences in usage and the monitoring thereof in materials planning in SD and Production.

        Production or procedural requirements (for example, settlement of material quantities on the basis of different batch specifications).


Batch Management is integrated in all applications of the SAP system. It supports the management and processing of batches in all of a company’s business processes.


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        Batch Number Assignment

You use this function to assign a batch with a number that uniquely identifies it.

        Batch Specification

You use this function to describe each batch uniquely using characteristics and characteristic values. You specify the permitted value range in the allocated material master record.

        Batch status management

You use this function to indicate whether a batch is usable or unusable. You set this status:

         Manually in the batch master record or at goods receipt

         Automatically in the usage decision in quality management

        Batch determination

With this function, you can use various criteria to search for batches that are in stock, for example:

         When posting goods issues

         When combining suitable material components for production orders and process orders

         When creating a delivery according to particular customer requirements

        Batch Where-Used List

         The batch record contains all quality-relevant planned and actual data for the production of a batch and complies with the GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practices) for the pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

         The batch where-used list shows the path of the batch from its procurement to its delivery to your customer.

For more information, see Structure linkArchiving Batch Records (PP-PI) in the BC - SAP ArchiveLink Scenarios PP documentation.

        Active Ingredient Management

You use this function to administrate and process materials with active ingredients that are to be handled in batches.


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