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You can access the request overview of the Transport Organizer directly from all ABAP Workbench transactions with Environment ® Transport Organizer (Requests) and from Customizing transactions with Utilities ® Transport Organizer (Requests).

You can access the request overview of the extended view of the Transport Organizer from the initial screens of Transaction SE01 by choosing Display.

The requests are grouped and displayed under a hierarchy of sort nodes, corresponding to the following request attributes:

In the Transport Organizer, only the levels project, request type and request status are normally active.

If the hierarchy selected by the SAP System does not suit your requirements, you can change the setting as follows:

By choosing Edit ® Sort sequence, you can add or remove sort levels, or change their hierarchy.

By choosing Utilities ® Settings, you can choose the following permanent settings:

The objects contained in the requests and tasks are displayed below them, sorted by object type. Double-click an object to access the editor for displaying or editing the object.




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