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If an application requires its own global instructions (for example, include, data, type pools), you have to define the corresponding instructions in a specific area of the form class library. The area has unique limit characters and relevant comments. The comments are generated by the Print Workbench during creation of the form classes.


The instructions defined for an application form in the TOP area are copied to the corresponding TOP include of the function group when the print program is generated. This means that the instructions are valid for all subroutines.


The TOP area is restricted by the following comment lines in the form class library:


***The following code WILL be transported to print programs*************

*************PUT HERE YOUR OWN GLOBAL DATA******************************

*type-pools ....                               " own type-pools

*data: ....                                    " own global data


Caution Do not change the restricting comment lines generated for the TOP area of the form class library.


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