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Generic term for BI objects into which data is loaded or that display views of data. This data can normally be evaluated using BEx queries.


InfoProviders are metaobjects in the data basis that can be seen as uniform data providers within a query definition and whose data can be reported on in a uniform way. The type of data staging and the degree of detail or "proximity" to the source system in the data flow diagram differs from InfoProvider to InfoProvider. However, this makes no difference in reporting, where InfoProviders appear as objects that provide data that can be evaluated using a BEx query.

The following figure shows how InfoProviders are integrated into the data flow:

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The term InfoProvider encompasses objects that physically contain data:


DataStore objects

InfoObjects as InfoProviders

Staging is used to load data into these InfoProviders.

On the other hand, they can also be objects that do not physically store data but which display logical views of data, such as:




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The following figure provides an overview of the BI objects that can be used in reporting. They are divided into InfoProviders that do contain data and InfoProviders that do not contain any data but display a logical view of data. In BEx, the system accesses an InfoProvider; it is not important how the data is modeled.

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