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Process documentation By-Products in Subcontracting Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You can use subcontract orders to plan the receipt of by-products from subcontracting:

  1. Similiar to production order processing, by-products are entered in the subcontract order as components with negative quantity.
  2. In the provision of the components (with reference to the purchase order, for example), the system ignores the negative component items.
  3. In the goods receipt for the purchase order, the system automatically posts the receipt of the by-products. In the material document, you can identify the by-product items from their movement type 544. Note that the by-products are posted to the "stock of material provided to vendor" (also referred to as "subcontracting stock").
  4. The receipt can still be corrected using the Subsequent Adjustment function.

    Due to the receipt of the by-products, the value of the manufactured material is reduced.

  5. To transfer the by-products quantities from the "stock of material provided to vendor" (or subcontracting stock) to the unrestricted-use stock, you enter a transfer posting using movement type 542 (reversal of the provision of the components).


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