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Correction of Goods Receipt Posting for a Subcontract Order

After the subcontractor (as vendor) had delivered the ordered material (end product), you posted the goods receipt to the subcontract order. The system determined the necessary components for each purchase order item and created for each component a goods issue item with the quantity that was determined in the purchase order (see Entering Goods Receipt for the Subcontract Order).

If the vendor informs you after these postings that a greater or smaller quantity of the subcontracting components was actually consumed than planned in the purchase order, you must post a subsequent adjustment to correct the component consumption.

If the component is a by-product, you must post the corrected by-product receipt (excess receipt) or by-product issue (short receipt) (see By-Products in Subcontracting).


Return of Subcontracting Components

When returning subcontracting components (underconsumption), the system checks that the quantity returned is not larger than the quantity originally transferred to the subcontractor. This check, however, only takes place on material and plant level.

Return of Subcontracting Components with Batch Management Requirement and Split Valuation

If when creating a subcontracting order you have already specified which batch of the subcontracting components is to be delivered to the subcontractor (see Subcontract Order with Batch Numbers), the specified batch is offered as the default value in both consumption posting as well as in subsequent adjustment.

When the subcontracting components with batch management requirement or split valuation are returned, the system does not check the quantity returned at batch level. This may cause stocks from one batch to be shifted to another or the material prices to shift in split valuation.


The specification of a batch is not checked by the system, there is only a default value. There is no quantity check at batch level.


In the transaction for goods movements MIGO, select the business operation Subsequent Adjustment from the list box. The system automatically chooses Purchase Order as the reference document. Enter the document number of the purchase order and the item number for which you want to post a subsequent adjustment.

For the selected item, enter the difference quantity specified by the vendor and determine with the Underconsumption/Short Receipt indicator, whether a receipt or an issue is concerned. If you set the indicator, it is an underconsumption or short receipt. If you do not set the indicator, it is an excess consumption or excess receipt.

Post the subsequent adjustment.

The specified quantities of the originally posted goods receipt are corrected by the system to the subsequently adjusted quantities.

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