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For certain materials, it is necessary to valuate the various stocks in a particular valuation area separately. Reasons for this include:


If a material is subject to split valuation, the material is managed as several partial stocks, each partial stock is valuated separately.

Each transaction that is relevant for valuation, be it a goods receipt, goods issue, invoice receipt or physical inventory, is carried out at the level of the partial stock. When you process one of these transactions, you must always specify which partial stock is involved. This means that only the partial stock in question is affected by a change in value, the other partial stocks remain unaffected.

Alongside the partial stocks, the total stock is also updated. The calculation of the value of the total stock results from the total of the stock values and stock quantities of the partial stocks.

You define whether the material is subject to split valuation on the accounting view of the material master record. There are two fields for this:

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