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You use this procedure to maintain different types of transactions.


In the ABAP Workbench, you can maintain transaction codes by using the Object Navigator or by choosing Development Other tools Transactions.

To create a transaction code:


       1.      In the Object Navigator, choose Workbench  Edit Object.

The Object Selection dialog screen appears.

       2.      Choose the tab More and enter the name of the transaction you want to create in the Transaction field.

       3.      Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info text Create.

The Create Transaction dialog screen appears.

       4.      On the dialog screen, enter the transaction code (up to 20 characters) and a meaningful description of the transaction in the Short Text field.

       5.      Choose the transaction type.

You can choose between the following transaction types:

Dialog Transactions

Report Transactions

Object-Oriented Transactions

Variant Transactions

Parameter Transactions

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