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Technical Data

Runtime Technology

Java/Web Dynpro

Technical Name of iView

Technical Name of Web Dynpro Application

Available as of

SAP NetWeaver 2004s

Data Origin

SAP ECC 6.0 and higher

RFC function module called:


Software Component






This Web Dynpro application provides your managers with an overview of their employees’ attendance status for the current day. It enables them to obtain a quick overview of how many employees are available for work on the current day.


·        The system outputs the number of team members for which one of the following attendance statuses applies:

¡        At work

¡        Absent

¡        Temporarily absent

¡        Leave request open or awaiting approval

These requests cannot be given a different status since the attendance status is not apparent. It is unclear as to whether these requests relate to leave, for example, or absence cancellations.

·        The information is output in a list. The proportion that exists for the individual statuses is displayed. A pie chart is used to show the proportional distribution in a visual form.

·        If the manager requires additional information about individual employees and their absences, he or she can navigate to the detailed information. The detailed information includes the employees’ precise absence times and the names of employees who are at work.

·        Managers can choose between two different views, one for direct reports and one for all employees.

·        You can test the display function of the application. Report RPTARQUIATEST (Test Report for the UIA Interface for Leave Requests) enables you to do this. For more information about the tools used in the implementation phase, see Structure linkMaintaining the Database and Testing in the documentation for the leave request.

Determining Results


The Web application uses the request database, which is also used for processing leave requests, to determine employees’ attendances and absences:

·        If you implement the Structure linkLeave Request Web application, requested leave is also included in the Attendance Overview.

·        Even if you do not implement the Leave Request Web application, the application reads records from the Absences infotype (2001) and the Attendances infotype (2002) using the functions of the request database.

To determine the attendance status, the system first reads the data from the BAPI TimeAvailSchedule in the backend system. For each hour of the day, the BAPI checks whether the employee should be at work and whether or not he or she is actually at work at this time.


For more information, see the documentation for the functions module of the method BAPI_TIMEAVAILSCHEDULE_BUILD (Generate List of Employee Availability).

The system then reads employees’ absences from the request database. The system checks whether requests exist in the request database that have not yet been approved. If it finds requests that have not yet been approved, it outputs the status Open Request.

For each hour of the day, the system then checks the attendance status determined by the BAPI and from this determines the status that is to be output for the whole day. That is, even if an employee is absent for just one hour during the day, the status output for the employee is Temporarily Absent.


·        You use SAP Time Management to manage your employees' time data.

·        You have made the Customizing settings for the Attendance Overview. For more information, see the Implementation Guide for Manager Self-Service (mySAP ERP) under Working Time ® Attendance Overview.


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