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Function documentation Subroutine SET_ARCHIVE_INDEX Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The subroutine SET_ARCHIVE_INDEX sets the ID relevant for the archiving system. This has the same importance as the object key of the BOR object type used for archiving. The implementation of the subroutine is optional; however, you cannot change the frame generated. If you always call up the Print Workbench once for each document, you can specify the complete archive parameters when you call up the module EFG_PRINT.
The subroutine is called up in the generated module of an application form just before the processing of a document.


In the global variable c-archive_index-object_id, set the archive index to the value of the object key of the BOR object. The global data areas (WA_*) of the document level are filled in this event.



*&   Form set_archive_index    (OPTIONAL, leave frame untouched !!!)   *


FORM set_archive_index .

*** c-archive_index-object_id = wa_....

ENDFORM.                    "SET_ARCHIVE_INDEX



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