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Synchronous or Asynchronous Processing?

Function modules that run in the update task can run synchronously or asynchronously. You determine this by the form of the COMMITstatement you use:


This is the standard form, which specifies asynchronous processing. Your program does not wait for the requested functions to finish processing.


This form specifies synchronous processing. The COMMITstatement waits for the end of processing. Control returns to your program after all high priority (V1) function modules have run successfully.

The AND WAIT form is convenient for switching old programs to synchronous processing without having to re-write the code. Functionally, using AND WAIT for update-task updates is just the same as dialog-task updates with PERFORM ON COMMIT.

Parameter Values at Execution

In ABAP, you can call update-task function modules in two different ways. The way you choose determines what parameter values are used when the function module is actually executed. Parameter values can be set either at the time of the CALL FUNCTION statement, or at the time of the COMMIT WORK. The following sections explain.

Calling Update Functions Directly

Adding Update Task Calls to a Subroutine


The examples in these sections show asynchronous commits with COMMIT WORK.



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