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Procedure documentation Inserting a Graphic Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Under the graphic node, you can insert graphics, such as a company logo, to be used in the form output.



       1.      Select an existing node in the context, under which you want to create a graphic node.

       2.      In the context menu of the node, choose Create Graphic.

       3.      The system creates a graphic node under the selected node. Enter the required data about the graphic in the Properties window under the form context.

You can choose between the graphic types Graphic Reference and Graphic Content:

        Choose Graphic Reference if you want to insert a graphic from its address (URL).

        Choose Graphic Content if you want to specify all data about the graphic in a field.

       4.      The entries you need to make depend on whether you chose Graphic Reference or Graphic Content in the last step.

        If you have chosen Graphic Reference as your graphic type, enter the URL of the graphic.


You must be able to access the graphic at the specified URL.

In Adobe Designer, you can choose whether the system gets the graphic at runtime, or whether the graphic is embedded in the form. For more information, see the online help in Adobe Designer.

        If you have chosen Graphic Content as your graphic type, enter a field name from the interface under Field. The field must have the type STRING (graphical data is Base64-coded) or XSTRING (for binary-coded graphical data). Enter a valid MIME type, such as ’image/bmp’.

       5.      Under Conditions, enter the prerequisites that need to be met before the graphic node is processed at runtime and displayed in the form.


You have created the data node and you can insert it in the form in the layout of the Form Builder.


You want to insert a graphic from the Website of the fictitious company AnyCompany in your form. You have chosen Graphic Reference as your graphic type. The example shows you two ways of specifying the URL.

1. Specifying a URL with Fixed Values

Graphic URL





If you have inserted the graphic node in Adobe Designer, the following URL is entered for the graphic object:


2. Specifying the URL by Using Fields

Graphic URL









GRAPHIC_NAME is a field from the interface that is entered as an import parameter. At runtime, it contains the name of the graphic that you want to load. The graphic is unknown when the layout is created, which is why no URL appears in Adobe Designer.


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