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For example, if you want to find out why data was not output in a form or output incorrectly, you can analyze the generated print program in a runtime environment during the test print. The generated print program contains numerous breakpoint instructions that you can use if necessary.


You have the relevant authorization.


In the display or processing of an active application form that can be tested, you have the following options:


        Place the cursor on the places in the hierarchy where you want to carry out an analysis. Via Extras Set/Remove Breakpoints, insert breakpoints into the hierarchy of the application form.

        Navigate to the generated print program via Goto Generated Module Display or via Goto Generated Module Subprograms and set a breakpoint in the editor.

        Navigate to – if it exists – the user exit include and set breakpoints in the coding in the ABAP Editor.

Carry out a test print for the application form. You cannot restart the transaction. In the first case, the ABAP process goes to the ABAP debugger in all relevant subprograms for the respective hierarchy nodes (for example, READ/GET/FILL subprograms, text output). In the other cases, the ABAP processor goes to your breakpoints in the debug session.


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