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Application forms are configuration objects and integrate the data structure defined in the relevant form class, data procurement, the form logic you have determined, and the form layout. You can determine the form and scope of the data procurement as required and add your own data using user exits. You can also choose between the basic tools for creating the form layout – Smart Form, SAPscript form, or PDF-based form.
The form class assigned to an application form determines the structure of the data delivered by SAP. When you create an application form, you have to specify the form class. Afterwards, you can no longer change the form class.


If standardized correspondence is to be created from an application process, you have to configure application forms. If the application uses the Print Workbench as configuration tool, this provides a form class that you have to set as attribute in the application form.


The application form consists of:



        Form (SAPscript, Smart Form, or PDF-based)

        SAPscript texts (SAPscript)

        User exit includes

        User top includes

        Generated print program

The core of an application form is the hierarchy. This has a similar function to the form class, but is extended. In the context of application forms, the form levels represent events in the flow logic of the form. In the events you can define further activities, such as the call of a user exit or, in the case of SAPscript, the call of texts.
The status of the application form provides information about whether the application form has no errors and can be run and whether the generated print program is up-to-date with regard to the application form and its subcomponents.


An application form is closely linked with the related form class and integrates the data model and the related data procurement of the application with the requirements of the SAP customer. The generated print program integrates:

        The SAP application

        Customer-defined configurations and implementations of user exits

        Calls of the components SAPscript, Smart Form, and PDF-Based Forms.

Application forms are usually defined in Customizing tables or master data in the application. An application form is printed by calling the module EFT_PRINT that then calls the generated module for the application form.


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