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 This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Example: Flight Notification Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

This is an example of the structure of a typical form class using the example of the form class Flight Notification.

Form class: flight notification

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

This particular form class is attached to the CUSTOMER form level. Form classes are also frequently attached to a document (for example, invoice document).
All flight bookings for one customer are shown on the BOOKING form level. Since a customer can have several bookings, this form level is below the level CUSTOMER in the hierarchy. The CUSTOMER and BOOKING form levels are in a 1:n relationship to one another.
Additional flight details are stored in the flight that is assigned to a flight booking. The flight assigned to a flight booking is represented by the 1:1 FLIGHT level. All 1:1 levels are placed in the hierarchy beneath the associated form levels and can be displayed or hidden by clicking on them.


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