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Once an inspection lot has been created, an inspection specification is usually assigned to it. The system can assign an inspection specification automatically or you can assign one manually.

An inspection specification must be assigned to an inspection lot if you want to record inspection results for inspection characteristics (that is, the corresponding indicator is set in the inspection settings of the material master). If you do not set this indicator, an inspection specification does not have to be assigned to the inspection lot. In this case, you can only record defects for the inspection lot.


An inspection specification can consist of the following objects:


Criteria for selecting an inspection specification

When the system selects an inspection specification, it takes the following criteria into consideration:

Assigning an inspection specification

The system can assign an inspection specification automatically or you can assign it manually under the following circumstances:


The system cannot calculate the sample size for the inspection lot until you assign the inspection specification manually.

Selecting an inspection specification if several specifications apply

In the inspection settings of the material master, you can specify that a material can be inspected on the basis of several different inspection specifications. For example, you can set the following indicators simultaneously:

In this case, the system chooses the inspection specifications in the following order:

  1. Specifications from variant configuration or batch determination
  2. Material specification
  3. Task list


The specifications from the variant configuration and batch determination are mutually exclusive, since they apply to different inspection lot origins. The variant configuration applies to inspection lot origins 1, 3, and 4, while the batch determination applies to inspection lot origins 10, 11, and 12.

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