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When you activate an application form, a function group with exactly one function module is generated. This function group contains all of the settings defined in the application form in the form of coding. The function group and the module are always defined locally ($TMP). For each application form, enter the same name; the name is different for each application form in each system and client. You have to regenerate the module for each change to the application form or one of the referenced objects (for example, form class, user includes).


The generated module is called if the application form is to be printed. The call takes place exclusively in module EFG_PRINT, which is called in the print event of an application. A non-Print Workbench use of the generated module is not permitted. The generated module contains all ABAP commands and function calls of the form processing (SAPscript, Smart Forms, PDF-based forms) that are responsible for the data procurement and processing and, for example, place the form in the spool of the SAP system.

You can determine the application form for a generated module or for the function group with the same name with the Persistent Garbage Collector (CA-GTF-TS-PCG) in the Print Workbench menu. There you can check the uses of generated modules and delete modules no longer used. For more information, see the documentation for the Structure linkPersistent Garbage Collector


The generated module integrates the following parts of an application form:

        The flow logic of the application form according to the hierarchy

        Data procurement from the form class (call of READ, GET, FILL subroutines)

        Calls of the program interfaces for SAPscript, Smart Form, and PDF-Based Forms.

        Call of user exit from user include

The name of the generated module is composed of the naming convention prefix of the Print Workbench /1PWB/, the client, and a number composed of the date and time of the first generation. The name is different in each system/client and has no self-explanatory semantic.


The generated module is called up dynamically in the module EFG_PRINT exclusively. Every other (for example, direct) call of the module is not supported by SAP.


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