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Function documentation Print Action Records (Technical Background) Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Print action records are defined in the application table EPRINTACT and have the following key fields:

        FORMCLASS:      Form class

        OBJ_TYPE:         BOR object type

        OBJ_KEY:           BOR object key

During the print transaction, the system searches for print action records with these keys. It also evaluates the following fields to process the print action records:

        TRIG_FROM:       From date for processing

        TRIG_TO:       To date for processing

        TRIG_COUNT:      Total number for processing

        MODULO:            Frequency (Example: 3 = every third time)

        TRIG_DONE:        Number of completed operations

        LAST_DATE: Date of last processing

A print action record contains definitions such as which text is to be printed or which flyer ID is to be used. For this purpose, fields have been provided in each case for five standard texts and ten flyer IDs. The following fields concern the five standard texts:

        TDNAME1 to TDNAME5

        TDID1 to TDID5

        TDSPRAS1 to TDSPRAS5

For the ten flyer IDs, the fields FLYERID1 to FLYERID10 are decisive. The texts or flyers to be selected are defined in the Customizing table EPRINTACTF (Define Flyer/Standard Texts for Print Action Records). You maintain the entries in this table in the Implementation Guide, the underlying transactions in transaction SO10. In the EPRINTACTF table you can either define an ID for a flyer or the key fields for a SAPscript standard text. During printing, the function module ISU_S_PRINTACT_SEARCH_UPDATE can find and process a print action record. This function module is called up using the above keys and processes all valid print action records for these keys. The module returns a table with these print action records.


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