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A print action record is a variable text or data supplement that is determined during print processing and can be integrated in form processing. A print action record is used if you also want to print out a variable text in a form, or if you want to send additional information to the recipient in the form of a flyer. In a print action record, you can define additional parameters, such as the validity or the maximum number of processing.


A print action record consists of the following indicators and fields:

        BOR object type (key field)

        BOR object key (key field)

        Form classes

        From date

        To date

        Maximum number of processing times



The search for related print action records must be integrated in the form class. This is usually displayed by an appropriate form level in the form class. The form level must also be integrated and active in the application form in which it is used. To create individual print action records, choose Print Workbench Print Action Records Create in the menu. If you want to create several print action records simultaneously (mass processing), you have to create a report using the report SAPRISU_PRINTACTION_GENERATE delivered by SAP as a reference. The print action records are integrated in an application form either by means of a form level that corresponds to the BOR object of the print action record, or, alternatively, you can integrate the search for print action records in the user exits of an application form by means of the programming interface.
If a print action record is determined during the printing transaction, if you use SAPscript, you can display the content immediately in the MAIN window or store it temporarily as a variable and then output it as a symbol. In the case of Smart Forms, the print action record must be saved as a variable and then output as symbol.


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