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Using send control you can use special print parameters, for example, using different send types (letter, fax, e-mail), to send an application form and/or to send multiples of forms.


You define the send control in the Customizing of the Print Workbench. For it to be relevant for the print process, the calling application must have named a send control in Customizing or in the master data.


If you use archive mode 2 or 3, you must have configured the connected archive via SAP ArchiveLink. If the send type is not PRINTER, SAPconnect requires the correct setting.


Dispatch control consists of control lines that each contain the following fields:

        send type       (PRINTER, TELEFAX, EMAIL, RMAIL, SMS)

        Output format SAPscript   (<BLANK>, *, X, I, S)

        Output format Smart Forms (<BLANK>, *, X, D)

        Output format PDF-based forms (<BLANK> X, R)

        Number of copies (number)

        Archive mode (1,2,3)

        Copy indicator (<BLANK>, X)

        Output device

        External send type

The send control overwrites on a field basis. This means that print parameters defined completely in the print transaction are overwritten by a send control on a field basis. For empty fields, the standard setting for the print transaction is used.


To use the send control, proceed as follows:


       1.      Define the send controls in Customizing for the Print Workbench in the activity Define Send Control.

       2.      Enter each send control to be used in Customizing or in the master data of the calling application.


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