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You cannot translate the Print Workbench application forms and SAPscript texts with the standard SAP translation function. You therefore have to follow a different translation procedure:

        You have to create separate worklists for translating application forms.

        Translation should take place in a special client so that a separate transport can be carried out.

        After translation, a new transport to the target system must be carried out.


To translate application forms, proceed as follows:

        Create worklist

        Process worklist

In addition, you can use further administrative tools that you access via Print Workbench Application Forms Environment Translation Administration.

        Mass processing of worklists
If there are several worklists in the system, you can manage them using this function. In particular, you can delete worklists and update their status. A statistic gives information about the status of translation activities.

        Translation of SAPscript forms not used in the Print Workbench
If you use SAPscript forms that do not belong to the Print Workbench, that is, forms that are not used by an application form, you can list these with this function and check their translation status.


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