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Procedure documentation Reading Additional Data from the Database Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If, during the processing of an application form, you discover that the dataset provided by the form class is not sufficient, you have to read the missing data from the database. Proceed as follows:


       1.      Determine the DDIC table containing the required data.

       2.      Choose Goto User top include Display/Process to navigate to the user top include.

       3.      Place the cursor on the form level for which you wish to read additional data and choose Choose.

       4.      Enter a name for the exit during loop, such as READ_DATA. Choose Continue.

       5.      Choose the symbol D in the hierarchy display to navigate to the user exit.

       6.      Enter the command that reads the data from the database, (for example, SELECT * FROM <DDIC-TABELLE> WHERE). You can use all work areas (including 1:1 levels) that belong to the form level or are higher up in the hierarchy as selection criteria.


You can use the additional read data as a symbol in a text. The text must come below the form level described above in the hierarchy, in other words it must be a dependent node. This is also applicable if you use the data in another user exit.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Only use this procedure if you need data for form printing that the form class does not provide. As standard, the concept of the Print Workbench is such that all data of an application or process is provided in the form class.


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