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Procedure documentation Enabling Test Prints Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use the test print in the application form for development and later for the error analyses in the application form or the form class. In particular, you can specifically use actual data from the system without having to create a time-consuming test case with integration in an application process. You should therefore configure each form class accordingly.


To enable the test print, you have the following options:


       1.      In the attributes of a form class, specify a BOR object type. At the time of the test print, the Print Workbench uses the FIND method of the object type to determine an object key that is inserted in the first line of the RANGES table transferred to the application form. The form class (or the data procurement in its library) must be able to process this.

       2.      Implement the subroutine TEST_PRINT in the form class library such that it corresponds to the dialog for determining the initial object of the form class. As return parameter the Print Workbench expects the RANGES tables transferred to the application form.


You can carry out a test print of application forms for a form class.


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