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You can set references if you want to develop and manage application forms in a system in a central client. This has the following advantages:

        You can encapsulate the original versions of the application form in a client defined for this purpose and it can then, for example, only be changed by certain users in the system.

        You no longer need to transport or copy within a system. The changes are visible and valid in other clients immediately.

        You can quickly access forms of another client.


References to other clients are a proprietary function of the Print Workbench. The client-specific objects used for the runtime are read from the referenced client and not the current one.


You create references from one client to application forms of another client and can then use them as if they were in the current client. The referenced application forms do not exist physically in the current client, but are visible and you can use them for printing.


Create a reference


       1.      Choose Print Workbench Application Form Tools Create Link in Other Client.

       2.      Choose the client and the name of the application form. There must be no application form with the same name in the current client.

Create multiple references


       1.      To display the application forms of another client, use mass processing.

       2.      Select the application forms that you want to reference to from other clients.

       3.      With the right mouse button choose Create References.
There must be no application forms with the same name in the current client.


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