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If you want to access form processing and data procurement and realize other requirements, such as summation, interactively, you can use the existing user exit infrastructure of the Print Workbench in the application form. In user exits you can adjust application forms to your requirements and enhance your functions.


User exits are defined in the form of ABAP subroutines in the user exit include of an application form. These subroutines are called up in the generated print program according to their position in the hierarchy.


The following user exit types are available:

Name of user exit



Exit before loop

Form level

The exit is called directly before processing of the entries for a form level. The entries of the following loop are transferred to the interface of the subroutine.

Exit during loop

Form level

The exit is called in the loop of entries of a form level. The global data areas of the form level and the related 1:1 levels are filled with data in this event.

Exit after loop

Form level

The exit is called after the loop over entries of a form level. This is the last activity before the next same level or entry of the next higher form level is processed.

Text exit (SAPscript only)

Text nodes

The exit is called directly before a SAPscript text is printed. The interface of the subroutine contains an indicator (Y_PRINT_TEXT) that shows whether the text is to be printed or not. (Default = Yes)

Start exit

Application form

The exit is called at the start of processing for a form level.

End exit

Application form

The exit is called at the end of processing for a form level.


Before you create one of the above-mentioned user exits, you have to specify the user exit include in the attributes of the application form. SAP recommends that you also specify the user top include since there you have to define global data that is used, for example, in user exits. You can use the user exit includes assigned in several application forms. If you use the exit more than once (also cross-client), the system issues corresponding warnings.


       1.      Navigate to the object for which you want to create a user exit (for example, form level).

       2.      Specify a ten character (maximum) name. The name must be alphanumeric and unique within the application form. The user exit then appears as a symbol in the hierarchy of the application form.

        B for an exit before loop

        D for an exit during loop

        A for an exit after loop

        T for a text exit

        S for the start exit

        E for the end exit

Select a symbol to go to the user exit maintenance.


The exits SUM_INIT (before) and SUM_PERFORM (during) exist for the form level BOOKING.


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