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Embedding a Used Component

To be able to use an external component (regardless of whether it is a faceless component or a complete component), you must first define a component usage. Follow the steps described below:


Select the component that you want to process by double-clicking on it in the object list. The Component Editor is displayed.

       1.      Select a name for the new component usage and enter it in the first column in the table.

       2.      Select the component to be used (F4 help).


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


       3.      You should now consider the following:

         If the external component should be used by a single view of your component, it makes sense to create the instance of the external component in a controller method of this view.

         If the external component should be accessible for several views, however, the instance of the external component should be created at a central location. The wdDoInit method of the component controller is available for this.

(For general information about controllers, see Controller Editor).Regardless of whether you have selected the controller of a view or a cross-view controller as the instantiation point for the external component, the external component must now also be entered on the Properties tab page for this controller. To do this, proceed as follows:

       4.      Double-click the required object in the object list (that is, on a view or a controller entry). These are listed by object in the Controller Editor or the View Editor.

       5.      Switch to the Properties tab.

       6.      To create a new usage in the Used Controller/Components table, choose Create. Make sure that the Editor is in change mode.

       7.      The following dialog window lists all components and controllers that are available for use. Besides all global controllers of your own component, this list also includes the external component and its interface controller.

Whether you now select only the external component or both the external component and its interface controller depends on how you want to proceed

     If you merely want to display the used component – that is, call it from your current component – continue with

Component Usage Without Controller Access

     If you want to enable the current component to access the interface controller of the used component, continue with

Component Usage with Controller Access



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