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You can copy application forms from other clients to the current client. Since an application form consists of different (sub)components, these components also have to be copied during the transaction.


The hierarchs and the attributes of the application form are copied, along with the SAPscript form or Smart Form depending on the form type, and if necessary, both user includes. You can also suppress the copying of individual objects or reference to existing objects. You can also overwrite explicit specifications.



       1.      Choose Print Workbench Application Form Tools Copy from Client.

       2.      Choose the source clients and an application form.

       3.      In the following dialog you are requested to name the referenced subobjects (new). Pay attention to the usual naming conventions.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying textThe referenced subobjects of an application form can be used by other application forms. Therefore, check precisely before you overwrite them. The Print Workbench shows multiple use of objects as a warning.

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