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Unless indicated otherwise, the information contained in this info object is relevant to the material master for industry and to the article master for retail. Retail customers are requested to substitute article for material.


A short text describing a material. You can enter this text in the material master record in as many languages as you like, though only one text is allowed per language.


Entering a Material Description

You normally enter the material description in the logon language on the first data screen you process. Since the material description is the same for all user departments, it is important to agree on a suitable description when the material master record is created.

Changing a Material Description

The material description can be changed on any data screen in the material master by users authorized to change fields valid at client level.


Retail only

In the article master, the article description cannot be changed for the variants of a generic article.

Entering/Changing Material Descriptions in Other Languages

  1. Access the material master record in Create or Change mode and choose Additional data ® Descriptions.
  2. Enter the key of the required language and enter the description in this language, or change an existing description as required.
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