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Procedure documentation Creating an Article Hierarchy Locate the document in its SAP Library structure



       1.      On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Article Hierarchy Data Create.

       2.      Enter a unique hierarchy ID for the article hierarchy on the initial screen for article hierarchy maintenance. You have the option of using an existing article hierarchy as a template.

       3.      Specify the following properties of the article hierarchy:

        Language-dependent description:

The language-dependent description specifies the use of the article hierarchy.

        Sales organization/distribution channel

You can assign a sales organization and a distribution channel to an article hierarchy.


An article hierarchy can have the status ‘planned’, ‘active’, or ‘disabled’. When you create an article hierarchy the status is always ‘planned’. The status applies to all nodes in the hierarchy.


This indicator specifies whether the article hierarchy should be transferred to the hierarchy of SAP BW. This entry is also optional.

        Multiple article assignment

This indicator controls the assignment of an article within the article hierarchy. Every article assignment is initially indicated as the main assignment in the system and each additional article assignment is created as a secondary assignment.


This indicator controls the scheduling of structure and article assignments in an article hierarchy.

       4.      Call the details screen and define the top node and enter a description for it. This node is not assigned to any other node. You can assign as many nodes as you wish to the top node, choose descriptions for the nodes, and define characteristics for the node.



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