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The article list is a predefined selection of article numbers. It enables a defined set of article numbers to be used across applications. As work is divided up across different system landscapes, it is possible that a quantity of articles is determined in one system but is then also needs to be used in other steps in another system. The integration of article lists is particularly useful when SAP ECC is integrated with SAP BI.

There are two types of article lists in SAP ECC:

        Dynamic article lists:

Dynamic article lists are made up of saved selection conditions that can be used to determine the article number sets that are currently valid.

        Static article lists:

Static article lists contain both the selection conditions and the article numbers that corresponded to the selection conditions when the article list was released in the system. If a static article list is created in SAP BI, for example, the article numbers are saved in SAP ECC without the corresponding selection condition.

Only static article lists without selection conditions are intended to be exchanged between SAP BI and SAP ECC.

You can group article lists in the article list hierarchy. The structural elements of an article list hierarchy are called (article list hierarchy) nodes. There is one top node in the article list hierarchy.


        Processing article lists in SAP ECC

You can create, change, display, and copy article lists. You create an article list hierarchy. You can use a report to periodically delete article lists that have expired.


You cannot delete article lists manually.

        Collective search help

Collective search help can be used to determine the quantity of article numbers that has been found with the selected article list.

        Data exchange with other systems:

For analysis purposes, you can extract article lists created in SAP ECC and the corresponding article list hierarchy to SAP BI. The inverse is also true: You can create article lists in SAP BI and retract them to SAP ECC.



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