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You can use this function to define hierarchies that you use in applications, for example, in Maintenance Group Management.


If you call hierarchy processing for standalone applications in mySAP ERP, the system goes straight to these applications. You process the hierarchy in the application.


In Customizing for the generic hierarchy, you have defined the application and generic control parameters for the hierarchies in the application.

For more information, see Customizing for Logistics – General under Generic Hierarchy Edit Application Parameters.


        On the initial screen, select a node in the hierarchy as the starting point for hierarchy processing. The system displays the existing hierarchy, from the top node to the specified node, and all subnodes. The system hides all other nodes in the hierarchy.


You configure the system to import the entire hierarchy, irrespective of the node specified.

        The system displays the following areas on the initial screen:


You can use the options in the context menu to structure the hierarchy in line with your requirements.

        Organizational data

Displays general organizational data for the hierarchy nodes.

        Work area

Displays nodes and assigned objects with their attributes.

        You process the application-specific hierarchies in the relevant applications.

For more information about processing options, see Maintaining Maintenance Groups, Grouping Characteristic Values and Processing Article Lists.

        You can use Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) to define customer-specific processing options.

For more information, see Logistics – General under Generic Hierarchy Enhancements Using Business Add-Ins.


On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Generic Hierarchy Edit Hierarchy.


       1.      Enter the application ID, the hierarchy ID, and the node ID for a hierarchy.

       2.      The system displays the hierarchy and the work area in read-only mode.

       3.      To process the hierarchy, go to change mode.

       4.      Process the hierarchy and, if required, related object and node enhancements.



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