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This process allows you to define characteristic values for a characteristic separately before grouping and arranging these in a hierarchy. This method of managing characteristic values is particularly useful for characteristics with numerous characteristic values, such as colors. The system groups the characteristic values into clear partial quantities, to make it easier for you to access required characteristic values.

You categorize characteristics to improve their integration into processes that work with color and size characteristics. You can specify whether a characteristic relates to color, the main size, or a secondary size. If you use the categorized characteristic to define variants of a generic article, the system stores the characteristic valuation of the variant in the classification system and at basic article data level. This improves the search for variants of a certain color or size.

If you want to use separate characteristic storage for other characteristics, you can choose a characteristic type for characteristics that cannot be categorized.

Depending on the characteristic type you choose, you can add up to ten additional customer-specific values to provide the characteristic value with alternative value conversions.

The system uses the storage form described in this process in the search help for characteristic values that you can call from article maintenance.


The system only supports this form of characteristic value storage for characteristics:

        from the Character Format data category

        with a maximum of 18 characters/digits

        whose value check is performed with a special function module



       1.      You create a characteristic from the Character Format data category with a maximum of 18 characters/digits.

For more information, see Structure linkCreating/Changing/Displaying Characteristics.

       2.      Enter WRF_CHECK_CHAR_VAL as the function module the system is to use to perform a value check for the characteristic.

For more information, see Structure linkEntering a Function Module.

       3.      You create characteristic values for the characteristic.

For more information, see Processing Characteristic Values.

       4.      Group the characteristic values for the characteristic.

For more information, see Grouping Characteristic Values.

       5.      Assign a merchandise category characteristic to a characteristic profile or a merchandise category hierarchy level.

For more information, see Merchandise Category Processing.

       6.      You create an article and use the search help to select the appropriate characteristic values.

For more information, see Articles: Creating an Article Master Record.


The search help for characteristic values in the article master uses the groups that you have defined for selection and display purposes.


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