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In Customizing for the Article Master, you can configure the article master to include table fields of your own. You do this in the section Configuring the Article Master. The data contained in the customer-specific fields can also be distributed by Application Link Enabling (ALE).


If you want to use ALE to distribute customer-specific data, you must do the following:

For more information, see the SAP library documentation BC Changing the SAP Standard.

For more information, see the documentation for SAP Enhancement MGV00003 and for the user exits. You can base your source code on the sample source code referred to in the user exit documentation.


When article master data is distributed by ALE, the customer-specific data is read in outbound processing and transferred to the assigned IDoc segment via user exit EXIT_SAPLMV01_003. In inbound processing, the customer-specific data is taken from the corresponding IDoc segment and posted in the target system via user exit EXIT_SAPL1001_003.

For the following article master tables, you can distribute customer-specific fields without including new segments in the IDoc:

If you want to extend and distribute other article master data tables, you must include new segments in the IDoc. For more information on extending business application programming interface (BAPI) methods, see the SAP library documentation BC BAPI Programming.

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