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Side info tables contain information for communication between programs/systems in the form of a sequence of parameters:

        Symbolic name of the target system (DEST = Destination)

Following the symbolic name are the connection parameters. The parameters are as follows.

        Name of the logical unit (LU) of the partner

        Name of the transaction program to be called (TP)

        Specific parameters according to constellation and system platform

Side info tables therefore play an important role in connection setup.

For more information refer to Side Info Parameters.


When a program is to communicate with a partner program, the CPI-C interface requires a certain amount of information in order to initialize communication.

As the program should not contain any communication-specific parameters. It is stored as parameter values in one or more configuration files. Information of this type is stored as Side Information outside the application.

The system administrator maintains the parameter values for all CPI-C target system connections in side info tables.


For security reasons the side info files should have the following file attributes:

         Read authorization (read-only) for the user

         No authorizations for all

When the side info files are installed no secinfo file is created. This means that all programs can be run. See Authorizations for Starting External Programs


Side information tables have different names depending on SAP System and platform:

In R/2:


(with RFC: also RFCD)

In SAP NetWeaver:


(for RFC: define TRFCDE in SM59)

UNIX, Windows:

side info



Parameter values of the various side info tables take effect according to constellation. For more information on this refer to the section Side Info Table Hierarchy.

This section contains the following topics:

Side Information on Windows, UNIX and AS/400 Platforms: sideinfo

Side Information in SAP NetWeaver: TXCOM



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