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Assignment maintenance within article master maintenance is functionally oriented towards the maintenance options in article hierarchy maintenance. In addition to the article hierarchy node, which you assign, you can edit its validity period if scheduling is active in the hierarchy. You can also process an indicator for the main assignment, if a multiple assignment is active for the hierarchy. Only the basic processing functions in article hierarchy maintenance are available for use. Here, the focus is on the first assignment of an article hierarchy node in article creation and the creation of additional assignments for existing articles.

You should therefore note the following restrictions:

        You can only make assignments for active hierarchies. You can assign planned hierarchies only in article hierarchy maintenance.

        You cannot edit the Strategy field.

        The fields Operative and Deletion Flag are not available as they are not saved in the database and their purpose is just to simplify entry. This means that if you choose the Operative indicator in article hierarchy maintenance, the Valid from field is automatically filled with the current date. If you choose the Deletion Flag indicator, the Valid to field is automatically filled with the current date.

        You cannot move articles from an existing article hierarchy node to another article hierarchy node because this is normally a mass action, that is easier to carry out in article hierarchy maintenance. The same applies to the deletion of assignments. This function is also only available in article hierarchy maintenance.

        You can only make changes to existing assignments for the main assignment indicator. The validity area can only be changed using article hierarchy maintenance.


When configuring the maintenance dialog for article master data, you can use the Define Structure of Data Screens for Each Screen Sequence IMG activity to add the maintenance of additional, article-related data to the maintenance dialog for article master data. This enhancement option is used to provide the new maintenance option for assigning an article to article hierarchy nodes. The integration takes place in the new screen sequence “33” (Retail Fashion Tabstrips)

There are two new screens. One screen is integrated into the Basic Data view and enables you to assign an article to a distribution-chain-independent article hierarchy. The second screen is integrated into the Sales view and enables you to assign an article to the relevant distribution-chain-dependent article hierarchy. You can only assign active article hierarchies. If an article needs to be assigned to a planned article hierarchy, you have to usen article hierarchy maintenance.


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