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During processing of price level groups, you create, change, and display price level groups. You can display change documents for price level groups.

You can use the SAP authorization concept to control the use of maintenance transactions.

You use fields in integrated article maintenance for merchandise category maintenance, and article hierarchy maintenance to assign the price level groups to article groups.

To locate price level groups easily you can use special search helps that are adapted to the transaction in which you start the search help.

You can use mass maintenance to assign price level groups to merchandise categories.

To ensure data is synchronized between the system containing price level group maintenance and the system containing the data for the statistical evaluation, a reorganization report is used to delete the price level groups. You can schedule when this is to take place.

Mass maintenance can be used for price level groups by preparing the data outside the system and then importing it with a function module.

In price level group maintenance, modification-free interfaces are available which you can use to enter data in new price level groups with price thresholds and price band categories. You can also specify how the system reacts to time gaps in the validity periods of price patterns.


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