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Process documentation Assigning Follow-Up and Replacement Articles Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


This process allows you to assign one or more follow-up or replacement articles to the original article. A follow-up article replaces an original article permanently, whereas a replacement article only replaces it for a specific period of time.

You can make assignments on different levels using local assortments for one site, or general assortments for a group of sites or all sites.

You can display, change, and delete existing assignments of follow-up or replacement articles for original articles.


        You have created all the articles that you want to assign as follow-up or replacement articles in the article master.


You can also use core master data to create follow-up or replacement article relationships.

For more information about core master data, see Article: Core Master Record.

        Original articles and follow-up and replacement articles do not belong to the following article categories:

        Generic article

        Merchandise category article

        Merchandise category hierarchy article

        Group article

        Merchandise category reference article

        Original articles and follow-up and replacement articles are active articles. This means that they are not deleted logically at basic data level.

        In Customizing for follow-up categories, you have defined follow-up categories for follow-up and replacement articles for which the system performs checks.

For more information about Customizing for follow-up categories, see Logistics - General under Article Master Retail-Specific Settings Settings for Follow-Up/Replacement Article Maintain Follow-Up Categories.



       1.      Enter criteria to select articles, or articles with existing follow-up relationships.

       2.      The system creates a worklist on the basis of your entries.

       3.      Edit the follow-up/replacement article relationships and save them.

For more information, see Processing Follow-Up/Replacement Article Relationships.

       4.      You can display change documents for follow-up/replacement article relationships.

For more information, see Displaying Change Documents.

       5.      You can reorganize follow-up/replacement article relationships.

For more information, see Reorganizing Follow-Up/Replacement Article Relationships.


You have assigned follow-up articles or replacement articles to original articles.


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