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During market weeks, buyers can preview new fashions and place orders at a special price. Variants of generic articles are particularly important in this arena. Since the suppliers are testing the market, they may need to create variants on the spot based on the buyers' requests, and have these immediately available for order in the system.


For example, assume that a size 12 blouse is offered in red, blue, and yellow, while a size 14 blouse might be available only in red and blue. If a buyer requests the size 14 blouse in yellow, then you can create that variant in the system by simply clicking that 14 - yellow node and activate that variant.


As soon as you activate a variant node, the system creates the variant in the article master data so you can complete the sales order immediately. Even if the order is not saved (for example, if the buyer decides not to purchase that variant after all), the variant still exists in the article master data.

The variant inherits the header data and price from the generic article. It also inherits the reference site from the generic article, if it exists; if it does not, then the order taker must enter it manually.


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