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Process documentation Adjusting Document Data on the basis of Worklists Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Existing worklists provide the basis for specific subsequent processing of the respective applications. To do this the following transactions are planned in each application area:

Application Area



Purchase order


Automatic document adjustment/individual documents



Generating a pricing worklist

Investment Buying


Investment buying determination of requirement

POS Outbound


Change Message


Transaction ME12 allows joint (sequential) processing of purchase orders and pricing documents.

After creating the worklists it is advisable to schedule the programs for subsequent processing periodically in the background.


There are two different cases for subsequent processing:

In these application areas subsequent processing is based solely on the worklist. The application POS outbound uses the worklist to create new documents, that display changes (IDoc with changed conditions).

When determination of requirements for investment buying is being carried out, change pointers for price increases of articles are read from the table WIND. If, based on this data, this system calculates with return on investment analysis that it is profitable to procure articles before their requirement date, purchase requisitions (table EBAN) or order items (table EKKO/EKPO) and system log entries for analysis (table WB03) are created.

For more information see Structure linkInvestment Buying, POS outbound under Structure linkChange Message and Structure linkData Distribution Procedure.

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For subsequent processing in both these application areas, document indexes are used in addition to the worklist. When the worklist and document indexes are compared, the existing documents in the purchase order are adjusted and new documents are created in pricing (pricing documents in the pricing worklist).

For more information see Structure linkPricing Worklist and Structure linkAutomatic Document Adjustment for Condition Changes.

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