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Process documentation Deleting Bonus Buys Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Bonus buys are limited by their validity period, however once created they remain available in the system. In this process you can select bonus buys using specific criteria and delete them from your SAP ECC system and all the connected POS systems.

As the bonus buys that you want to delete generally already exist in the POS systems in the stores, SAP ECC also informs the POS systems when bonus buys are deleted.


The data in the SAP system and the connected POS systems must be consistent.

If the entries in table BBY_USED are not up-to-date (for example, after the upgrade of a system in which bonus buys were used but for which no deletion function previously existed), you must use program BBY_USED_FILL to initialize the table. This program recreates the history table for all clients by writing an entry for all combinations with existing bonus buys and all POS relevant stores. In doing so it assumes that all bonus buys have already been sent to all stores.



       1.      The system uses certain criteria to display the bonus buys that exist.

You can restrict the display scope, for example, using a promotion that uses these bonus buys, a discount type, a bonus buy category, a bonus buy type, the type of condition target or the validity period.

The bonus buys are displayed in a tree, which you can sort according to various criteria (for example, creator, discount type, promotion and bonus buy).

       2.      You can choose which bonus buys you want to delete.

If you flag the Validity period completely in this time interval indicator on the selection screen, the validity period of the current condition record must not be longer than the time period indicated, but must fall fully within this interval. If the indicator is not set, both time intervals should overlap.


You can also delete bonus buys from Promotion Maintenance. When you do this, the system enters the bonus buy numbers and the relevant promotion number in the selection screen of the deletion program. If you select bonus buys to be deleted in the promotion, the system skips the selection screen of the deletion program.

       3.      For all bonus buys that you have selected for deletion, the system sets the deletion flag for all related entries in the table BBY_USED.

       4.      The program BBY_POS_DELETE evaluates the deletion indicator and informs the relevant stores for all the corresponding combinations of store and bonus. The IDoc is prepared in the background with program RWDPOSAN that activates the input parameter Delete selected data.

       5.      Program BBY_POS_DELETE removes all entries from history table BBY_USED that had the deletion flag set.


We recommend that you schedule program BBY_POS_DELETE daily in the background. If the data volume expected is not too great, you can call it directly from the BBY_DELETE program.


The selected bonus buy entries are deleted from all the relevant tables (KONBBYH, KONBBYPRQ, KONBBYT, KONDN, KONDNS, KOTN*, STXH und STXL) and from the POS systems in the stores.



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