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Function documentation Including New Merchandise Categories in Several Shops Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this function if you want to add a completely new merchandise category to the goods on offer in a shop.

If the theme of this merchandise category is relevant to other shops as well, you must assign it to several shops that usually belong to the same category.


When you create a new shop, the system transfers the merchandise category assignments from the optional reference shop, so that you do not need to manually assign merchandise categories. However, in some specific cases you may have to add other merchandise categories. You can use the Mass Maintenance of Merchandise Category/Sites function to assign a number of merchandise categories to a number of sites. To combine sites that are to contain the new merchandise category you can use the following selection procedures:

        Select individual sites

        Select sites from a distribution chain

        Select sites from a site group

        Select sites (shops) from a category


On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data  Merchandise Category Data Environment Mass Maintenance Category/Sites.



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