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Function documentation Vendors: Transferring Rack Jobber Goods to Your Own Stock Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In certain cases, there may be a time limit on how long a rack jobber manages certain articles. Once this time period has expired, your company manages the goods.



You are able to control the time period for the assignment of the rack jobber to an article and store because time control is supported for the assortment module. Once the time period for the assortment module has expired, both forms of rack jobber processing (with and without Inventory Management) cease to be used in the operative processes of the system. This means that:


If, once the specified period has expired, you still have some of the rack jobber’s goods in stock, you must manually transfer these to your own warehouse stock. To do this, you use movement type 251/K to post the remaining rack jobber stock from consignment stock, and movement type 501 to post it to your own warehouse stock.



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