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Procedure documentation Vendors: Creating Master Data for Rack Jobber Processing Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have signed an agreement with a new rack jobber, and wish to create master data for rack jobber processing in the SAP system.



       1.      Create the rack jobber in the system, if it does not already exist as a known vendor in the system. The same vendor can be used for both normal and rack jobber processing.

       2.      Enter the basic data and sales data for the articles that you want to manage as rack jobber goods, if the articles do not already exist in the system. You can use the same article for both normal and rack jobber processing. For each store, you decide how the article is to be managed (this step takes place later).


You must enter the sales data for the articles before the next step. Otherwise you may have problems determining the rack jobber in the operative processes.

       3.      Create an assortment module using the category Rack jobber module.

Enter the vendor number that you created for the rack jobber in the Rack jobber field.

You select InvMangmnt to activate Inventory Management.

You choose RevAccAssgmt to assign an existing Financial Accounting revenue account to which the rack jobber revenue is posted. From table list, select an entry that contains the vendor number. In the next list, assign the appropriate G/L account to the vendor. Make the following entries:


Field name







Condition type



Chart of accounts

the chart of accounts used in the store concerned


Account key



You can also define account determination for the account that is to contain the rack jobber fees. To do this, you use the account key that is entered in the calculation schema for the item in which the fee is charged. If fees are assigned to an account directly when every individual transaction is posted, performance is affected. It is better that you assign the fees to an account at the end of a settlement period.

Save and return to assortment module maintenance.

       4.      Now enter the articles that are to belong to the rack jobber assortment module.

       5.      Assign the rack jobber assortment module to all the required assortments or retail sites. In doing this, you define that the articles listed in the rack jobber assortment module are managed as rack jobber goods in those assortments or retail sites.

       6.      If Inventory Management is active, create purchasing info records with info category Consignment for the rack jobber articles.

       7.      Use Retail Pricing to define the sales prices for the rack jobber articles.


For rack jobber articles, you cannot calculate the sales prices on the basis of the purchase prices.



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